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Mashad Bilal Hajj Tours was established in 2006 by true Pakistani brothers who sought to serve pilgrims traveling to Makkah. Since then, it has built its reputation as a leading Hajj & Umrah service provider by helping thousands realize their dreams of a comfortable pilgrimage. A sincere, hardworking and innovative style has become the mark of Dome Tours, attracting hundreds every year to the annual Hajj. Supported by a dedicated team with years of experience, the company holds several sector licenses and memberships which fulfill the requirements of being a reputable and reliable travel agent within the industry.


Hajj is by far the most important journey for any Muslim, as described by the Holy Prophet (SAW). A perfect Hajj can herald the rebirth and the dawn of a new beginning for every person completing it.


Umrah is a journey to the House of Allah which can be undertaken at any time of the year. The original meaning for Umrah is “to visit a populated place”.


These services have been developed and refined to allow each person to experience the most exhilarating journey the Mshad Bilal Tours way.



Latest Hajj Packages

Mashad Bilal Hajj & Umrah Services are pleased to announce Hajj Packages. Shifting and Short Shifting packages.